Benefits eligible staff and faculty members appointed on a twelve month basis are entitled to vacation with pay.

Entitlement To Vacation 

  • A Supervisor may deny a request to use vacation leave if granting that leave would place an unreasonable burden on Texas A&M University University-Corpus Christi to provide services of acceptable quality and quantity during the time requested.
  • Supervisors can request employees use FLSA compensatory time before taking vacation leave.
  • A part-time employee accrues vacation leave on a proportionate basis.  The maximum number of hours that a part-time employee may carry forward from one fiscal year to the next is also determined on a proportionate basis.
  • A full time employee accrues vacation leave and may carry it forward from one fiscal year to the next in accordance with the following schedule:
Total Service (Years) Vacation Hours Earned Per Month Maximum Vacation Hour Carry Over
0-2 8 180
2-4 9 244
5-9 10 268
10-14 11 292
15-19 13 340
20-24 15 388
25-29 17 436
30-34 19 484
35+ 21 532
  • An employee accrues vacation leave for each month of employment with the state. 
  • An employee who is employed by the state during any part of a calendar month accrues vacation leave for that month unless he or she is on a leave without pay for the entire month.
  • An employee may not take vacation leave until he or she has six months of continuous state employment, although the employee accrues vacation leave during that period.
  • An employee is entitled to carry forward from one fiscal year to the next the balance of unused accumulated vacation leave that does not exceed the maximum number of hours allowed by the schedule above.
  • All hours of vacation leave that may not be carried forward at the end of the fiscal year will be credited to the employee's sick leave balance on the first day of the next fiscal year.
  • An employee who is on leave on the first workday of a month may not take vacation leave accrued for that month until the employee returns to duty.
  • Service used in calculation of accrual rates does not include service with independent school districts and community colleges.