Birthday Leave

  • TAMUCC provides regular, budgeted, leave-eligible employees paid time off for their birthday in recognition of their birthday.
  • Birthday leave is a TAMUCC employee benefit and the university reserves the right to continue, change, or discontinue Birthday Leave at any time.
  • Birthday leave should be taken 30 days before or 30 days after the birthday.
  • If the employee is not physically at work during the month of their birthday (sick leave, FMLA, LWOP, vacation, etc.), it must be taken within 30 days of their return. If the employee does not return to work then the day is forfeited. 
  • Approval by the employee's supervisor must be obtained prior to taking the leave, and in accordance with the departmental leave procedures.
  • Full-time employees are allowed 8 hours of leave while part-time employees are granted leave on a proportional basis (i.e. 50% effort = 4 hours of leave).
  • Birthday leave cannot be used in increments of less than one day. Employees working an alternate schedule of more than 8 hours per day must use vacation for the remaining hours of the day.
  • Eligible employees request Birthday Leave as they do other paid leave by submitting an on-line leave request through Workday at On the Time Off worklet, select Time Off and then select the day for the leave. On Type, choose Other Emergencies, then type Birthday Leave in the comment box.
  • Departmental supervisors are responsible for ensuring the Birthday Leave is in accordance with this procedure and that the employee has not already been granted a birthday leave day.
  • Birthday Leave not taken in accordance with the guidelines cannot be saved and is forfeited. Under no circumstance will any pay be issued for this day.