Family Leave Pool

System Policy

The purpose of the Family Leave Pool is to provide employees more flexibility in bonding with and caring for children during the child’s first year following birth, adoption, or foster placement; caring for a seriously ill family member or themselves, including pandemic-related illnesses or complications caused by a pandemic. 

Reasons to Request Family Leave Pool Hours
  • Birth of a child
  • Bonding – in the first year after child’s birth
  • Placement of Foster child or adoption of a child under 18 years of age
  • Placement of any person 18 years of age or older requiring guardianship
  • Serious illness of an immediate family member or the employee, including pandemic related illness
  • An extenuating circumstance created by an ongoing pandemic, including providing essential care to a family member
  • A previous donation of time to the pool. In the event of a previous donation of time to the pool, hours will be returned to the donor upon request if there are available hours in the pool.


  • An employee must have exhausted all available leave*
  • Not eligible for Sick Leave Pool
  • Provide supporting documentation

    *Employees on intermittent leave are required to use their earned accruals (once eligible) before using pool hours. Unused hours must be returned to the pool.


Please make sure that all sections are completed, any missing information might delay the approval process.

If medical documentation is required

The FLP leave may receive taxable or non-taxable hours dependent upon the donor’s designation when hours are donated. The IRS guidelines for a medical emergency will be used to determine if the recipient is eligible for taxable or non-taxable hours. Non-taxable hours may be used for a major illness or other medical condition that requires a prolonged leave absence (at least 40 hours) from work.