Patient Rights and Responsibilities

Rights of Patients

The University Health Center adopts and affirms as departmental policy the following rights and responsibilities of patients who receive services at the facility:


This policy affords you, the patient, the right to:

  1. Receive considerate and respectful care.
  2. Receive the name of the person in charge of your care.
  3. Be given the name and function of the person providing services to you.
  4. Obtain from the person responsible for your health care complete and current information concerning your diagnosis, treatment, and expected outlook in terms you can reasonably be expected to understand. When it is not medically advisable to give such information to you, the information shall be made available to an appropriate person on your behalf.
  5. Receive information necessary to give informed consent prior to the start of any procedure and/or treatment, except in emergency situations.
  6. Refuse treatment and be informed of the medical or other consequences of your action.
  7. Obtain privacy consistent with adequate medical or health care. Case discussion, consultations, examinations, and/or treatment will be confidential and conducted discreetly.
  8. Expect privacy and confidentiality of all records pertaining to your healthcare/treatment, except otherwise provided by law or third party payment contract.
  9. Receive a reasonable response to your request for services customarily rendered by the facility and consistent with your health care/treatment.
  10. Expect reasonable continuity of care and be informed, by the person responsible for your health care, of possible continuing health care requirements as follow-up if any.
  11. Examine and receive, upon request, an itemized explanation of any bill, regardless of source of payment.
  12. Acquire health care without discrimination as to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, source of payment, political belief, or disability.
  13. Resolve complaints/grievances relating to the quality of care through the patient contact representative, University Health Center Director.  If this does not resolve the complaint/grievance to your satisfaction, the office of Student Engagement and Success will be utilized to mediate the problem for further resolution. 

Responsibilities of Patients

The University Health Center believes that health care for the patients is a partnership between the University Health Center professional health care provider and patient.  The University Health Center has responsibilities ensuring the right of patients.  Likewise, the patient has responsibilities.  It is the responsibility of the patient to:

  1.  Provide accurate information regarding his/her health history and changes in health status while undergoing health care/treatment.
  2. Inform the person providing care if he/she does not comprehend his/her treatment/care or what is expected of him/her in carrying out a plan of care, including referral.
  3. Carry out the agreed plan of care/treatment as recommended by the health care provider and keep follow-up appointments, or to notify his/her health care provider when unable to do so.
  4. Accept any consequences of his/her action if he/she refuses the care/treatment, or does not carry out a plan of care/treatment or recommendation by health care provider.
  5. Complete arrangements for the financial expenses of his/her care in the event of associated cost for lab work, medication, referrals, etc.
  6. Conduct oneself in a respectful manner which gives consideration to other patients and to health services personnel.