Recommended Vaccinations

Pricing and Availability

Vaccines are provided at cost to patients.  Not all recommended vaccines are available at University Health Center, but we generally carry Tdap and Influenza.  The Health Center can suggest community resources if you need a vaccine that we don't carry.

Required Vaccinations

Bacterial Meningitis (Menactra, Menveo, Nimerex, MedQuadfi)

Texas Senate Bill 1107 (now TEC 51.9192) requires all students entering an institution of higher education (public and private) to either receive a vaccination against bacterial meningitis or meet certain criteria for declining such a vaccination before the first day of the semester.  

You may satisfy the Meningococcal Vaccine requirement in either of the following ways:

By Vaccination:
  • One dose of the Meningococcal Vaccine on or after your 16th birthday
  • Current acceptable brand names in the United States:
    • Menactra (Men ACWY-D)
    • Menveo (Men ACWY-CRM)
    • MenQuadfi (Men ACWY)
  • Current acceptable brand from parts of Western Europe:
    • Nimerix (Men ACWY-CRM)
 Vaccine that do not fulfill the requirement:
  • Meningitis B Vaccines such as:
    • Trumenba (Meningococcal group B)
    • Bexsero (Meningococcal group B)
    • Any MCV4 vaccine received BEFORE your 16th birthday or MPSV4 (recommended only for those 55 years and older)
  • There are currently only 2 types of the meningococcal vaccines for the serogroups A, C, W, Y available in the United States as mentioned above. They DO NOT contain live meningococcal bacteria.


By Exemption based on age:
  • If you are not yet 16 years of age by the admissions deadline, you are exempt for the time being from the requirement. Once you turn 16, you will need to comply with the above requirement.
  • If you are 22 years old by the first day of the semester, you are exempt from the requirement.


For medical questions concerning the meningitis vaccination or booster, students may contact the University Health Center Nurse Line at 361.825.5735. 

For questions regarding document submission and approval, students should contact the Office of Recruitment and Admissions at 361.825.2624. 


Departmental Requirements

  • Health science majors are required by state law to be compliant with certain immunization requirements prior to the beginning of their clinical rotations. This includes TB testing, Hepatitis B, Varicella, and MMR immunity verification. TB tests can be done at the Health Center to help students meet that compliance requirement and can draw lab tests to demonstrate immunity status.  (Assuring that Health Science students comply with state laws regarding required immunizations is the responsibility of the Health Science department or college).
  • Student Teachers within The College of Education and Human Development must be screened for TB to meet school district requirements for field based placement. The Health Center can provide required screenings.