WorkQuest & Goodwill Shredding

WorkQuest & Goodwill Secured Document Shredding Services

The Procurement & Disbursements Department has established Goodwill Industries of South Texas Inc. & WorkQuest as a contracted vendor for the university's' shredding services.

Shredding Rates for Corpus Christi Region

Shred bins are intended for confidential documents, files and records. Due to the sensitive nature of the documents placed in the bins, locks are included with each bin requested, along with a master key.

All University departments can participate in secured document shredding services. Please contact Purchasing at (361) 825-2617 or by email at to start an account and complete and send the New Bin Request Form below.


New Bin Request Form - To start an account with our Goodwill Contract or to request additional bins for the department. Complete this form and send to

Auto Pick Up Request Form - This is a one time form that will serve for the current fiscal year. Select both scheduled dates , first or second dates. You will be added to the list and no further pick up request forms will be needed, unless you have a different date that needs a pick up.

Pick Up Request Form - This form needs to be filled out every time you need your bin switched out. For departments that are not on the auto pick up list and unscheduled pick ups (pick ups that are not on TAMUCC's Goodwill Schedule). 

Goodwill Shredding Pick Up Schedule TAMUCC (Occurs every other Wednesday)


Every fiscal year a new purchase order will be created and billed to our Purchasing Accounts. Once Disbursement receives the vendors invoice, an AP member will input it to the PO, notify Purchasing for the receiving record and payment. Then a member of the Purchasing team will IDT your department.

Upon account creation you will provide an account number for our Purchasing Department to utilize for these IDT's. IDT's are billed based on when the vendor sends the invoice to 

For changes to your department's account numbers, contact information, or any other questions, please contact the Purchasing Department via email or by calling (361) 825-2617.