What is IslanderBuy?

IslanderBuy is a web-based e-Commerce system developed by Texas A&M University, in partnership with SciQuest, which replaces the purchasing functionality previously provided by FAMIS. Customers may browse and shop from numerous online catalogs (each of which is accessible Single Sign On) and Texas A&M Contracts, or place orders to virtually any supplier through a “non-catalog/non-contract” requisitioning process. Invoices and payment requests are initiated and created within IslanderBuy, which is fully integrated with FAMIS.

What are the benefits of IslanderBuy?

  • It provides a one-stop shopping experience with virtually all suppliers - no need to remember multiple web sites or set up individual accounts and profiles with individual suppliers.
  • Similar to other online shopping sites, products may be searched by keyword, part number, category, or "favorites" lists.
  • Real cost savings – Texas A&M’s contracts and “best value” sources are readily accessible.
  • Quicker turnaround since there are no delegated dollar limits on orders placed with contracted suppliers.
  • Requisitions are automatically budget-checked and routed through a departments’ specified Approval Workflow.
  • Invoicing is centralized and automated, which minimizes or eliminates paper invoice processing and Payment Card receipts and reconciliation reports.
  • Provides greater spend visibility, reporting, and analysis. 


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Please send general comments or questions to;

Accounts Payable:
Questions related to invoicing, attaching invoices, special payment methods and payment dates

Invoice Submittal:
This email should be used to submit invoices to be processed for TAMUCC purchase orders.

Procurement Services:
Questions related to Purchasing procedures, Purchase Orders, Suppliers/Sourcing, and the HUB Program.

Vendor Set Up & Inquiry:
Questions related to new vendor set up, existing FAMIS vendor set up, distribution methods, vendor contacts change or set up, W-9 or W-8, vendor term, and vendor payment inquiry.

Substitute W-9 and Direct Deposit Form (see below)

  • Vendor Set Up Document Upload – Please do not email confidential information. Please use the document upload page link to submit W-9/bank account information. 

Access & Security:
Questions related to access and security.




Training Videos 

Video Snippets - Coming Soon

  • Approvals
  • Browse by Category
  • Browse by Supplier
  • Document Search
  • Document Search: Save and Export
  • Favorites: Creating and Managing
  • Navigation and Site Layout 101
  • Product Comparison
  • Product Search
  • Profile: Custom Field Setup
  • Navigation: Setting Your Home Page and Adding Bookmarks
  • Profile: Updating Addresses
  • Requisition: Copying to a New Cart
  • Requisition: Returning and Rejecting
  • Shopping: Entering Non-Catalog Items
  • Shopping: Purchasing Showcase
  • Shopping: Punch-out Catalogs
  • Shopping: Level 2 Punch-out
  • Non PO Based Invoice