Professional Certification Areas

To get a professional certificate, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Provide a copy of your work service record (contact the district's HR department) to verify required classroom experience. Send to: or in person to the Certification Office (Faculty Center 235)
  • Have a degree at the master's level or higher
  • Complete a certification preparation program approved by the State of Texas
  • Have at least two years of creditable teaching experience (except if you are testing for the superintendent certificate, in which you must already hold the principal certificate)
  • Pass the required TExES state certification test

The State of Texas allows any master's degree to satisfy its requirements. For students' benefit, the College of Education and Human Development has structured its certification plans so that you only have to take the specific course requirements you lack, not complete a whole new master's degree. The specific course requirements for each program are listed in the course catalog.

Certification Area Degree Graduate Major Semester hours
(holding previous degree)
Semester hours
(including TAMUCC degree)
Educational Diagnostician MS Special Education 27-33 42
Principal MS Educational Administration 24 36
Reading Specialist MS Reading n/a 36
School Counselor MS Counseling 60 60
Superintendent MS Educational Administration 15 n/a