Supplemental Certification

Supplemental certification gives certified educators the option of adding additional certifications in a specific content area within the grade level of their initial teaching certificate.

Certified educators may choose supplemental certification if they plan to take an assignment in a new content area. They may take the assignment on an emergency permit, then complete a program of university coursework in their new area. Supplemental certification can also benefit certified educators who take initiative to add another content area and get extra training before attempting to get certification by exam only.

Supplemental certifications offered

The university offers preparation for the supplemental certificates and areas listed below. If you earn one of these certifications, it will be assigned a grade level that corresponds with the grade level of your initial certification.

More course details are available in the College of Education and Human Development course catalog.

Certification area Required examinations
  • Bilingual Education
TExES #164, BTLPT - preparation manual (pdf)
  • English as a Second Language
TExES #154 - preparation manual (pdf)
  • Gifted and Talented
TExES #162 - preparation manual (pdf)


Exam only

The State of Texas allows certified teachers to add a new content area or teaching field to their certification without formal preparation (except in the areas of Trade and Industrial Education and Health Science Technology Education). This method is called "certification by exam only."

If you have initial certification and would like to add another certification by exam only, you can register online at (make sure to indicate "by exam only").