Helpful Campus Resources





Connect 2 Success Care Closet Request

Students in Island Harbor, FISA, and the GTF Islander Scholars have access to the Care Closet, where students can order school supplies, hygiene items and more at no cost to the student!

College Access and Outreach

Learn about federally funded programs such as SSS Stem, SSS Teacher Prep and McNair Scholars, to see what program would be the best fit for you to provide you with extra support!             

College Readiness

College Readiness handles all things TSI related. Any questions about TSI exams or holds, this is where to go!

Academic Advising

Academic Advisors work with students to support their academic and career goals. Students should meet at least once per semester (prior to registration for the next semester) to ensure they are taking the appropriate classes to stay on track with their degree plan.

Business Office

Questions about payments, tuition, or fees? Click here to find the information or find where to visit the business office.

Financial Aid

Questions about your financial aid? Click here to find information on FAFSA, other funding opportunities, and how to connect with the Financial Aid Office.

First Islander Scholars Academy (FISA)

A program aimed at supporting First Generation College Students with one-on-one peer mentoring and social networking.


A great place to find events going on and connect with organizations. A great place to find groups to join on campus!

Izzy’s Food Pantry

Izzy’s Food Pantry is our on-campus foody pantry to assist students dealing with food insecurity. Students sign up once per year and are able to visit weekly. Students can also learn about Izzy’s Swipes, which provides access to the Dining Hall.

Information Technology (IT)

Students can get help here with any IT issues they may run across, with university accounts or even their hardware.

Lost and Found

Lost something? If someone turned it in on campus, fill out this form and a report will be made to the UC.

Tutoring and Learning Services

Learn about what kind of academic support you can get on campus, including tutoring, writing center consultations, and our math lab!

University Counseling Center

A great resource for when classes have you stressed or you just need someone to talk to.

University Health Center

Provides students with clinical treatment, health education, presentative services, and public health responsibilities. Students can meet with a nurse practitioner, obtain prescriptions, and obtain some medications.