Student projects using IoT


ENGR 4370/ENTC 4350 Senior Capstone Design Projects with IoT

     (6 students: 3 EE*, 2 ME**, and 1 MET***) 


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Top view of topical vibration device 


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Node Red MQTT 

      2.  Autonomous Debris Detection & Removal Aquatic Robot - Phase II (ADDRAR II) 
           (6 students: 2 EE*, 4 ME**) 


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McNair/LSAMP Program Scholars’ Projects with IoT 

  1. IoT-based Sensing and Signal Processing for Rehabilitation”  
  2. UAV-Based Structural Surveillance through IoT platform 


EEEN 4396 Directed Independent Study-Internet of Things (IoT): Devices and Communication --- Class Project 

IoT-based sensing and signal processing in a knee model    


EE* - Electrical Engineering 
ME** - Mechanical Engineering 
CS**** - Computer Science




Senior Design Projects with IoT 

1. CSEN 4201 Software Engineering Project (Senior Design) Team
 (9 students: 2 CS****, 5 ME**, 2 EE*) 



 2. EEEN 4252 Advanced Laboratory (Senior Design) Team  
     “Smart Irrigation System” (2021-2022)  
      (3 students, EE*) 



EE* - Electrical Engineering 
ME** - Mechanical Engineering 
MET*** - Mechanical Engineering Technology