Center for Coastal Studies

Who We Are

The Center for Coastal Studies (CCS) conducts ecological research on coastal issues; provides graduate student training and support; and engages in public education/outreach efforts. CCS scientists and students work on local projects in the Texas Coastal Bend, regional studies along the northern Gulf of Mexico, and beyond. The Center has a rich history and heritage of scientific contributions that enhance the science behind our understanding of coastal and marine ecosystems. Our group will continue to expand our interdisciplinary work and address 21st century questions and challenges.



 CCS Logo

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Our Mission

Our goals are 1) to produce science that builds understanding of coastal and marine ecosystems, with a particular emphasis on the Texas Coastal Bend and Gulf of Mexico; 2) to provide education on ecology, vulnerability, and restoration of coastal ecosystems; and 3) to promote community engagement and stakeholder involvement.

Research Areas

  • Wetland ecology, habitat restoration, creation, and enhancement
  • Ecology of coastal habitats
  • Endangered and invasive species
  • Benthic ecology
  • Oil spill impacts and habitat recovery

Current Opportunities at CCS

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