Alumni of the CMSS program


Meghan Bygate photo

Meghan Bygate, MS student
Faculty Advisor:
Mohamed Ahmed
Thesis: Mapping Optimal Locations for Oyster Aquaculture Using Remote Sensing Data and Modelling Techniques

Hailey Santa Ana
Hailey Santa Ana, MS 2024
Faculty Advisor:
 Chuntao Liu
Thesis: In Situ and Remote Sensing of Aerosol Properties and Their Influences in Tropical Oceanic Warm Rain Systems
Honors, Awards, & Affiliations: NRT STAGES Fellow


Anthony Lima photo

Anthony Lima, Ph.D. 2023
Faculty Advisors:
 Jennifer Pollack, David Yoskowitz
Dissertation: Development of Comparative Indices, Ecosystem Service Values, and Scenario Models to Support Decision Making in the Texas Oyster Mariculture Industry
Honors, Awards, & Affiliations: CCME Scholar

Tommy Winning photo

Tommy Winning, Ph.D. 2023
Faculty Advisor: Feiqin Xie
Dissertation: Assessment of the Planetary Boundary Layer Over the Northeastern Pacific Ocean: Impact of Ducting and Horizontal Inhomogeneity on GNSS Radio Occultation Measurements

photo of Mariana Leon Perez

Mariana C. León Pérez, Ph.D. 2023
Faculty Advisor:
 James Gibeaut
Dissertation: Assessing the Occurrence, Social Vulnerability, and Legal Implications of Sargassum Influxes in Puerto Rico Using a Social-Ecological Systems Approach
Honors, Awards, & Affiliations: CCME Scholar

photo of Yixi Qiu

Yixi Qiu, Ph.D. 2023
Faculty Advisor:
 David Felix
Dissertation: Determining Source Apportionment of Reactive Nitrogen in a Gulf of Mexico Watershed and Airshed

photo of Anthony Cox

Anthony Cox, M.S. 2023
Faculty Advisor:
J. David Felix
Research: Isotopic composition, molecular characterization, and bioavailability of dissolved organic nitrogen

Jennifer Gilmore photo

Jennifer Gilmore, M.S. 2023
Faculty Advisor: Jennifer Pollack
Thesis: Impact of disturbances on serpulid reef and soft-sediment macrofauna in Baffin Bay, Texas

Erin Taylor photo

Erin Taylor, M.S. 2023
Faculty Advisor: Joseph David Felix
Research: nutrient sourcing along the Matagorda Beach shoreline using stable isotopes


Elizabeth Del Rosario Gomaa

Elizabeth Gomaa (Del Rosario), Ph.D. 2022
Faculty Advisors: Paul Montagna, Richard McLaughlin
Dissertation: Texas 2007 Senate Bill 3 Environmental Flows Process: A Review and Analysis for the Priority Coastal Basins in Texas, USA
Honors, Awards, & Affiliations: CCME Scholar

Larissa Dias

Larissa Dias, Ph.D. 2022
Faculty Advisor: 
Xinping Hu
Dissertation: Estuarine Carbonate Chemistry in the Northwestern Gulf of Mexico and Its Controlling 

Thomas Lavigne

Thomas Lavigne, Ph.D. 2022
Faculty Advisor: 
Chuntao Liu
Dissertation: Towards a better understanding of the global electric circuit and thunderstorm trends utilizing satellite and ground-based measurements.

Sagar Shrestha

Sagar Shrestha, Ph.D. 2022
Faculty Advisor: 
Hussain Abdulla
Dissertation: Photo-transformation of Dissolved Organic Nitrogen in Baffin and Lavaca Bays, Texas

Monisha Sugla

Monisha Sugla, MS 2022
Faculty Advisor: 
Jennifer Pollack
 Evaluating the effects of vertical relief on ecosystem service provision by restored oyster reefs
Honors, Awards, & Affiliations: CCME Scholar

Christopher Vickers

Christopher Vickers, MS 2022
Faculty Advisor:
 Dorina Murgulet
Thesis: Mobilization and transport of contaminants to groundwater in response to extreme weather events in south Texas

Bimal Gyawali, PhD
Bimal Gyawali, Ph.D. 2022
Faculty Advisor:  
Dorina Murgulet
Dissertation:  Improving Assessments of Water Resources Characterization and Relationships to Climate Variabilities
Coral Lozada
Coral Lozada, Ph.D. 2022
Faculty Advisor:  
David Yoskowitz
Dissertation:  Livelihoods in Transition Across the Gulf of Mexico: A Three Case Study Approach
Kevin Nelson
Kevin Nelson, Ph.D. 2022
Faculty Advisor:  
Feiqin Xie
Dissertation:  Planetary Boundary Layer Profiling with Spaceborne GNSS Radio Occultation and Advances in Radio Occultation from Aerial Platforms
Jordana Cutajar
Jordana Cutajar, MS 2022
Faculty Advisor:
  Michael Wetz
Thesis: Spatial-temporal variability in phytoplankton biomass and community composition in Texas residential canals
EvaLynn Jundt
EvaLynn Jundt, MS 2022
Faculty Advisor:
  Xinping Hu
Thesis:  Multiple linear regression models for the estimation of pH and aragonite saturation state in the Northwestern Gulf of Mexico
Xue Feng headshot

Xue Feng, Ph.D. 2022
Faculty Advisor: 
Toshiaki Shinoda
Dissertation: Dynamics of ocean circulation and air-sea interaction in the Southeast Indian Ocean and their impact on Ningaloo Niño

Lindsey Hayden headshot
Lindsey Hayden, Ph.D. 2022
Faculty Advisor: 
Chuntao Liu
Dissertation: Microphysical and Macrophysical Properties of Convective Precipitation and Techniques for Detection using the GPM Core Satellite 
Hao Yu headshot
Hao Yu, Ph.D. 2022
Faculty Advisor: 
Richard Coffin
Dissertation: Source and flux of methane released from Corpus Christi coastal area
Lexie Neffinger headshot
Lexie Neffinger, MS 2022
Faculty Advisor: 
Jennifer Pollack
Thesis: Developing a bioassessment framework to inform tidal stream management along a hydrologically variable coast
Lily Walker headshot
Lily Walker, MS 2022
Faculty Advisor:
 Michael Wetz
Thesis: Timescales and magnitude of water quality changes in three Texas estuaries induced by the passage of Hurricane Harvey
William Wolfe headshot
William Wolfe, MS 2022
Faculty Advisor:
 Dorina Murgulet
Thesis: Modeling Time Series Radon Inventory and Constraints on the Submarine Groundwater Discharge Mass Balance of a Well-Mixed, Highly Dynamic Estuary


Diana Del Angel photo
Diana Del Angel, Ph.D. 2021
Faculty Advisor: David Yoskowitz
Dissertation: Social-Ecological System Approach for Assessing Impacts of Sea-Level Rise and the Benefits of Natural and Nature-Based Features
Terry Palmer photo
Terry Palmer, Ph.D. 2021
Faculty Advisor: Jennifer Pollack
Dissertation: Effects of Contamination from Antarctic Research Stations on Marine Benthic Fauna
Melissa McCutcheon photo
Melissa McCutcheon, Ph.D. 2021
Faculty Advisor:
Xinping Hu
Dissertation: Spatial and temporal trends and controlling factors of carbonate chemistry in the estuaries of the northwestern Gulf of Mexico
Mohammad Barzegar-Paiin-Lamouki photo

Mohammad Barzegar-Paiin-Lamouki, Ph.D. 2021
Faculty Advisor: Darek Bogucki
Dissertation: Turbulence within the upper ocean boundary layer


Audrey Douglas photo

Audrey R. Douglas, Ph.D. 2020
Faculty Advisor: Dorina Murgulet
The Importance of Submarine Groundwater Discharge on Nutrient Fluxes and Dissolved Organic Matter Molecular Composition in a Semi-arid, Highly Disturbed Estuary
Awards and Honors: Outstanding Research Assistant (2018)

Ryan Turner photo

Ryan Turner, M.S. 2020
Faculty Advisor: Mohamed Ahmed
Investigating Fault Control on Reservoir Accumulation and Spatial Distribution Using 3D Seismic Data and Well Logging Data: A Case Study from the Lower Oligocene Vicksburg Formation, Brooks County, Texas
Awards and Honors: 2020 Outstanding Graduate from the College of Science and Engineering

Sajjad Abdullajintakam
Sajjad Abdullajintakam, Ph.D. 2020
Faculty Advisor: Richard Coffin
Dissertation: Impacts of Subsurface Methane Transport on Shallow Marine Sediment Geochemistry
Emily Cira photo

Emily Cira, Ph.D. 2020
Faculty Advisor: Michael Wetz
Dissertation: Phytoplankton Dynamics in a Eutrophying South Texas Estuary
Awards and Honors: Outstanding Research Assistant (2016), NOAA Knauss Fellow (2017)

Mark McKay photo

Mark McKay, Ph.D. 2020
Faculty Advisors: Mark Besenon and Paul Montagna
Dissertation: Understanding the temporal and spatial development of south Texas Bays and Estuaries from a paleoperspective
Outreach: President of Satellite Educators Association (2013-2020)

Quinn McColly photo

Quinn McColly, Ph.D. 2020
Faculty Advisor: David Yoskowitz
Dissertation:  Market Mechanisms and Efficient Allocation of Water: Modeling Water Prices, Option Contracts on Water, and Enhancing Frameworks

Samreen Siddiqui photo

Samreen Siddiqui, Ph.D. 2020
Faculty Advisor: Jeremy Conkle
Dissertation: Future water quality challenges to aquaculture and influences on product safety