Coastal and Marine System Science, MS, PhD

Highly interdisciplinary, the Coastal and Marine System Science (CMSS) degree program is designed to serve graduate students with diverse backgrounds in natural, computational & social sciences, and engineering. Ideal candidates will have backgrounds in some combination of biology, chemistry, geology, oceanography, computer science, mathematics, engineering, economics, policy, social, or geographic information science. The CMSS program focuses on integrative concepts that have emerged in recent years, linking natural sciences to social sciences.

System Science is a new discipline that seeks to understand the relationships between all of the variables affecting a given phenomenon. Graduates of the CMSS program will demonstrate proficiency in understanding and applying the concepts and principles of all of the natural sciences as well as a working competence in mathematical modeling and geospatial analysis.

If you want a degree that will allow you to make a difference, consider being part of this unique program.