Production Auditions

For all TAMUCC Students: Auditions for our spring productions will be Sunday, Dec. 10th, 2023 in the Center for the Arts. 
  • 10:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m. Auditions
  • 3:00 p.m.-5:00 p.m. Callbacks

The productions being cast are:
The 2024 Seed Project:  Feb. 15-17  /  Student directed 
MACBETH:  March 1-3, 7-9  / Directed by Marco Muñoz
BE MORE CHILL:  April 12-14, 18-20  /  Directed by Meredith Melville
All current Theatre Majors with an Acting/Directing focus must audition, with the exception of first semester freshmen, and senior students entering their last semester. Theatre Majors pursuing their Teacher Certification are not required to audition during their last year of coursework. Design/Tech focus students are not required or encouraged to audition.

What kind of monologue should I prepare?

  • One minute of a PERIOD monologue of your choice (period – Shakespeare, heightened language).
  • Nothing from Macbeth or Be More Chill.
 What should I sing?
  • 32 bars of song, or one minute of music.
  • A song stylistically similar to the music of Be More Chill from a contemporary musical.
  • Nothing from Be More Chill.
How should I play my music in my audition?
You have a couple of choices*:
  1. Submit a YouTube link to your track here and we’ll start and stop your music for you. Make sure you copy the link at the correct place in the video! If you’re going to start at 2:14, for example, your video should link to that starting location.
  2. Bring your track on a personal device so you can start and stop your own music. We’ll provide a 1/8” aux cable. Bluetooth and dongles are not available, so plan ahead and bring everything you need! Again, make sure your track is cued to start at the correct location.
  3. Sing with an accompanist. You can bring your own accompanist or Alex can play for you. If you want to sing with Alex, you’ll need to arrange a time to run your tune with him in advance (some options are below). Remember to bring sheet music and make sure your cuts and changes are clearly marked!
* These are the only options, so please read them carefully, practice adequately and ask Meredith, Alex and Tamera lots of questions so you’re set up for success!
If you get a callback for Be More Chill then we’ll ask you to sing specific material from the show. We encourage you to become familiar with these cuts prior to callbacks.
Female-Identifying Auditions*:
“I Love Play Rehearsal”
Page 5, m48 beginning with “See, I…” through Page 7, m71 “…hives.”
“Rich Set a Fire”
Page 5, measure 60 through page 7, measure 79
Male-Identifying Auditions*:
“Be More Chill”
Page 2, rehearsal 19 through Page 3, measure 33 “…chill.”
“Michael in the Bathroom”
Page 6, rehearsal 67 through Page 10, measure 100 “…anymore.”
* Music for the selections above is available here. Please make it clear on your audition form whether you wish to be considered for male-identifying roles, female-
identifying roles or both.
There may also be cold readings from the script. There will be no dance callbacks.
If you’re called back for Macbeth, please be prepared for:
1 hour of cold readings and 1 hour of movement. Please bring a water bottle and wear movement clothes.
How can I get some help?
  • Arrange a time to meet with Meredith, Tamera or Alex
  • Attend an audition prep session:
Wednesday, November 15, 3:30-5:00pm in the Warren Theatre
Sunday, December 3, 3:00-5:00pm in the Warren theatre
Prep sessions are a great way to workshop a monologue, get help with a song (or run your audition cut with Alex if you want to sing with piano) and ask questions. Please use this link to RSVP for one or both sessions.
You may also find these resources useful: I’m now ready to sign-up for a slot, where can I sign-up?
Right here, just click this link to sign-up for an audition time:
Auditions take place Sunday, December 10th from 10AM – 2PM and call backs take place from 3PM – 5PM.
*If called back, please be prepared to stay the entire time.