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All incoming students need to audition. 

In order to ensure that all of our incoming students have the potential to be successful in the program, the Department of Theatre and Dance requires an audition (for acting majors) or portfolio review (for design/tech majors). Prospective students can schedule an audition or interview by emailing Once you let us know your preferred date, we will contact you to establish a time and place for the audition/interview. Preference is given to students who complete the audition/interview process before March 15.

Theatre Auditions for the Acting/Directing or Teacher Certification focus consist of a resume and two contrasting monologues totaling no more than 2 minutes together. Students majoring in the Design/Technical/ or Teacher Certification are required to bring a portfolio and resume of their previous work in the Theatre to a scheduled interview prior to being admitted into Theatre Courses. We would prefer to audition/interview students in person.

Video Auditions for Acting/Directing Majors: We prefer that you audition in person. If you must send in a video acting audition, we should receive the link to your video before March 15. Sending a video might save you travel money, but most audition videos are of inferior quality and do not give you a chance to show us your skills. Digital Portfolio Review for

Video Auditions for Design/Tech Majors:  Again, we prefer to see you and your portfolio together, but will accept digital portfolios that are received before March 15. Within a week of your audition, you will receive a letter or email notifying you of the faculty’s decision. Those admitted into the program as theatre majors will be allowed to register for all theatre classes in the matriculation guide for their focus area. Students who are not accepted as Theatre Majors are welcome to declare a Minor in Theatre, and may audition again the following year.

For audition information, contact Kevin Loeffler at