Post-Award Administration

The mission of the post-award administration area within the Division of Research and Innovation (R&I) is to provide high-level support to principal investigators and their staff with regard to management and oversight of awarded sponsored projects. Other responsibilities of post-award administration include: 

  • Initiates new account set up for sponsored project accounts, indirect cost accounts, and residual accounts
  • Prepares invoices for reimbursement and tracks federal and state drawdowns
  • Approves requisitions, petty cash reimbursements, payroll, travel, and voucher create forms on sponsored project accounts
  • Handles time and effort certifications
  • Approves all scholarship, fellowship, and stipend requests related to sponsored project accounts
  • Prepares and submits financial reports, including cost sharing schedules
  • Handles budgetary and compliance issues
  • Ensures proper and complete close out process of sponsored projects
  • Coordinates all audits related to sponsored projects
  • Serves as the office of record for all sponsored projects
Roles and Responsibilities Matrix - Updated June 2023 (Update coming soon)