Certified Classroom Peer Observers

TO: Islander Faculty
SUBJECT: Certified Classroom Peer Observers 

Dear Islander Faculty,

Academic Affairs is pleased to recognize Islander Faculty who have completed Classroom Peer Observation training conducted by Dr. Diana Ivy, Professor of Communication. Dr. Ivy’s three-step peer review process includes a pre-class consultation, an overview of best practices for observing instructor and student behaviors, and a post-observation meeting and report. 

Islander Faculty who are interested in participating in the classroom peer review process for promotion and tenure and general professional development may contact any of the below certified faculty members directly. Thank you to Dr. Ivy for conducting this important training, and congratulations to Islander Faculty who have demonstrated their unparalleled commitment to excellence in the classroom. 

Dr. Mohamed Ahmed
Dr. Christopher Andrews
Dr. Veysel Avsar
Dr. Marge Benham-Hutchins
Ms. Ivanete Blanco
Dr. Chuleeporn “Nikki” Changchit
Dr. Patrick Crowley
Dr. Oliver Cruz-Milan
Dr. Robert Cutshall
Ms. Laura Day
Dr. Susan de Ghize
Ms. Ginger DeLatte
Dr. James Dogbey
Dr. Pat Fitzpatrick
Dr. Brooke Friley
Dr. Shane Gleason
Ms. Andrea Hempstead
Mr. David Hill
Dr. Diana Ivy 
Dr. Kevin Kearns
Dr. Sining Kong
Dr. Sinae Lee
Mr. Kevin Loeffler
Dr. Susan Longley
Dr. Michelle Maresh-Fuehrer
Dr. Aref Mazloum
Mr. Eric Moore
Dr. Susan Murphy
Dr. Beth Rauhaus
Dr. Kimberly Reinhardt
Dr. Sanne Rijkhoff
Dr. Stephanie Rodriguez
Dr. Collin Scarince
Dr. Sarah Scott
Dr. Lon Seiger
Dr. Laine Shay
Dr. Scott Sherman
Dr. Diana Sipes
Dr. Kellie Smith
Dr. Michael Sollitto
Dr. Hongzhi Song
Dr. Rita Sperry
Dr. Barbara Szczerbinska
Dr. Alexandra Theodossiou
Dr. Charlene Tintera
Dr. George Tintera
Ms. Leandra Urrutia
Dr. Yuliana Zaikman

For more information, please visit the Center for Faculty Excellence website.