Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi The Islander Impact

Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi The Islander Impact

Strategic Plan 2030

The Impact of Service Excellence

To provide service excellence in all facets of university operations


  • Number of service excellence assessments implemented for feedback and action (service excellence survey results, external benchmarks, and recognition)
  • Number of processes and operations improved and optimized for efficiency
  • Media relations/publicity measures (percentage of local market share of voice, number of social media followers, and number of media impressions beyond the local market)
  • Opportunities for and participation rate in professional development
  • Percentage of donor funds awarded annually
  • Investment in deferred maintenance, renovations, new construction, and technology


  • Promote, assess, recognize, and reward service excellence across campus
  • Continuously improve university processes, operations, and communication, becoming recognized leaders in higher education
  • Initiate comprehensive professional development for students, faculty, and staff to bolster excellence and leadership
  • Ensure transparent and sustainable stewardship of all university resources
  • Build and strategically obtain state of the art infrastructure to provide 21st Century learning and research environments, while proactively updating and maintaining existing facilities, systems, and assets
  • Provide technology that supports innovation, enhances productivity, and makes information easily accessible to students, faculty, and staff