International Travel

As University academic/research opportunities and other University business may take employees and students outside of the United States, international travel is subject to applicable laws and regulations that include export control compliance.

Individuals traveling internationally on university business or with university property are responsible for complying with export control laws and regulations which may restrict or prohibit some travel related activities/destinations, and require licenses for certain activities.

International travel by University employees or students may be subject to export control regulations depending on the travel destination/venue and the hardware, software, technical data, and/or materials to be transported (carried or shipped).

University employees and students preparing to travel abroad receive assistance for their export control compliance during the University's international travel request process. Among the travler's international travel request packet, an export control checklist is utilized for the export control compliance portion of the review:  Export Control Checklist Form 400.01-International Travel. 

The international travel request packet should be submitted at least thirty (30) days prior to the intended departure date.  This is to allow the respective processing and reviews at the campus and System levels for international travel requests.


Approval Process

Export control review of the international travel request will occur through Concur submission. Export control compliance clearance precedes final approval of the international travel request.