Export Control

TAMU-CC supports and encourages research, intellectual inquiry and the free interchange of information among scholars. TAMU-CC also recognizes that the United States has enacted laws and regulations restricting the transmission of Controlled Information and Controlled Physical Items for the purpose of protecting national, economic, security, and foreign policy interests.

TAMU-CC has an obligation to implement an export control compliance program to reduce the risk of export control violations. All employees and students are responsible for the export control implications of their work and must ensure that their activities conform to export control laws and regulations.

Our Purpose

The TAMU-CC Export Control Program provides oversight and guidance for activities that require compliance with export control regulations.

Export Control Compliance is a shared responsibility across TAMU-CC’s research, academic, and business functions. Departments and business units with export control exposure may have Export Control Liaisons who act as a point of contact for the unit regarding export control concerns.

  • Export Control Liaisons (ECL) are assigned to perform day-to-day export control responsibilities as it relates to their functional areas of responsibilities.
  • The Export Control Officer (ECO) supports the ECLs and assists the Empowered Official in operations, day-to-day activities, and monitoring for the export control program.
  • The Executive Vice President for Research and Innovation serves as TAMU-CC’s Empowered Official (EO).