Soldering Equipment

Soldering is a process in which two or more items are joined together by melting and putting a filler metal (solder) into the joint. The I-Create Lab has a soldering equipment station that contains the following equipment

  • X-Tronic 5000 Series Model 5040-XTS Hot Air Rework Station
  • Tektronix MDO4024C Mixed Domain Oscilloscope
  • Programmable DC Power Supply HY502EP with Arduino
  • Fluke Universal Waveform Function Generator

soldering-station equipment

How can I use the Soldering Equipment at the I-Create Lab?

  • Patrons who wish to use the soldering equipment must present a SandDollar card or a valid ID.
  • They must also attend a safety orientation session. The orientation class covers the basic operation of the soldering equipment and safety practices.
  • Patrons must be 18 years or older.
  • Patrons must sign an I-Create Waiver form.

Patrons must make a reservation to utilize the Soldering Station.  Use the link below to schedule a reservation.

Soldering Station Reservations


There will be a charge of $1.00* per half hour for students, faculty & staff.

There will be a charge of $1.50* per half hour for community users.

Sales tax will be added to all purchases, unless the patron can provide a tax-exempt form.

*30 minute minimum charge.


The I-Create lab has a small number of resistors, diodes, transistors, capacitors and diodes available for purchase while utilizing the soldering equipment.