Audio Visual Equipment

The I-Create Lab has some audio visual equipment available for checkout.  All equipment is available for use in the lab by students, faculty, staff and community users. 

Checkout for use outside of the library is limited to only some equipment and is only an option for current students, faculty and staff.

In order to checkout a piece of equipment that leaves the library the patron must sign an Off-Campus Use Permit and must present a valid SandDollar Card.

Patrons must make a reservation to utilize the audio vidual equipment.  Use the link below to schedule a reservation.

Audio Visual Equipment Reservations

How long can I checkout the equipment?

Equipment that leaves the library has a 3 day checkout.

Are there any Fines/Fees?

Any equipment that is returned late accrues a $3.00 fine for every day that it is late,.

List of equipment available in the I-Create Lab

Logitech Webcam

Quattro Speakerphone

Draper Projection Screen


Wireless Presenter

External DVD-RW

DVD/VCR Player with HDMI Connection


Fender PA System

Wacom Tablet

Behringer Podcasting Bundle

Samson Dynamic USB Microphone

Sony Blu-Ray Player

Canon XA1 Camcorder with Detachable Microphone

Canon 57X Camcorder

Logitech Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

Sense 3D Scanner

Arduino Starter Kit

Elego Starter Kit

Freenove Kit

Raspberry Pi