Minor in Literary Studies

Curling up with a book on the weekend is the hottest new way to ensure professional success. Did you know that employers are more eager than ever to hire someone with the kind of skills emphasized in literature courses? (Just check out these recent articles herehere, and here. And here’s another one.) Over 70% of employers want candidates who can write well and 93% also want on their team individuals who can think critically, communicate clearly, and solve complex problems.
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That’s a walk in the park for someone who, just after having finished a spirited discussion about racial conflict in literature of the Harlem Renaissance, turns in a term paper on gendered monstrosities in Jane Eyre and goes to ace their final exam in their Critical Approaches course.

Maybe you’ve always loved reading for fun or maybe you became a film buff after taking a core literature course—or maybe you find yourself intellectually stimulated by conversations you have in your English classes. Whatever brings us to literary study, we are enriched by its ability to open our eyes to new worlds, to challenge us to think of how the seemingly impossible can come true, and to help us find our authentic, unique voices.

Your courses are taught by student-centered faculty who enjoy teaching small classes and building mentoring relationships with their students. We are also dedicated to designing courses of study that address the more pressing cultural and political issues of our day, from navigating the news or understanding social movements such as #BlackLivesMatter and #MeToo to developing an appreciation for the deep literary histories that shape our identities, our values, and our cultures.

Our literary studies minor offers several paths to help you begin professionalizing early in your college career. Whatever your major, whatever your career goals, a background in literary studies will help you to succeed!

  • Informed Citizenship: Take courses that engage current events in order to learn how to contextualize and interpret issues related to politics, society, citizenship, and ethics.
  • Leadership and Creative Problem Solving: Develop the critical thinking, writing, and creative skills in order to learn how to think outside the box, innovate, and become a leader in your field.
  • Teamwork & Collaboration: Build a repertoire of collaboration skills by working on assignments that involve group decision-making, performance and presentations, digital products, and public-facing writing.
  • The “Designer Minor”: Create your own course of study through our many offerings that suits your intellectual pursuits and professional goals.

Enroll in the minor today and #getLIT with us!

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