We in Literary Studies know that it is more important than ever that you consider career options while working on your bachelor’s degree. Only 34% of students think they will graduate with the skills and knowledge to be successful in the job market. Your literature faculty in the English Department at TAMUCC thinks we can do better. Whether you’re a major, a minor, or taking one of our courses as an elective, you’ll find direct connections between what we study and its applicability to diverse employment opportunities.
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One of the things we pride ourselves on in Literary Studies is the vast array of “soft” or “essential” skills you gain in our courses. Everyone knows that someone with a degree in English can write well, and anyone who’s sat down to discuss a short story or a play in a class knows that people who read literature engage in complex analytical thinking. But did you also know that collaborative assignments and class discussions also build teamwork skills? And that when you study books written by women, LGBTQ, and persons of color you learn how to communicate in a culturally sensitive manner in the workplace? Peer review of each others’ papers teaches you adaptability because you can respond constructively to feedback. And the list goes on.

Need tips on how to connect these essential skills to what’s being asked for in a job ad? Check out our handy Get a Job! Guide. Or attend one of our sessions with Career Services (hosted every semester & open to all students, regardless of major).  

Want that extra edge employers are looking for? Let a background in literary studies get you your first job, your first promotion, and build you a foundation for the fulfilling career you’ve been imagining.