Polling Locations

Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi is available to governmental entities to host polling locations on campus. The space selected for a polling location is a collaborative process wherein the requesting party indicates their specific needs for a space, and University staff then provides a list of available spaces to meet those needs and requested dates. 

Historically, parties have chosen the following spaces provided below with varying characteristics that may or may not suit the party's needs:

University Center (UC)

The University Center is a central campus location making it ideal for event visibility. The UC lacks easily-accessible parking and may have electioneering laws in effect. Electioneering laws often prevent students from wearing t-shirts, hats, and buttons while participating in regular activities on campus.

Michael and Karen O'Connor Building (OCNR)

The Michael and Karen O'Connor Building is a central campus location making it ideal for event visibility. OCNR  lacks easily-accessible parking and also shares traffic space with the Early Childhood Development Center, which may cause event traffic concerns due to school hours and procedures. Electioneering laws are also likely to be impacted in this space.

Natural Resources Center (NRC)

The Natural Resources Center has free available parking for guests with an accessible entrance near the main entrance of campus. Although the NRC provides less event visibility on campus, it provides a large space with few electioneering challenges, as noted above. A requesting entity may partner with TAMU-CC to provide awareness and transportation for students as needed.


For more information, please view full standard operating procedure here.