Cyber Security Career Paths

Cyber security careers are in high demand!

The job of a cyber security professional is to protect information. Information is all around us – your car, refrigerator, mobile phone – so it is vulnerable to attack. With so many opportunities to compromise data in any of our technology, cyber security jobs are in high demand.

Is a cyber security profession right for you?

It is a myth that all cyber security jobs require an information technology background. This industry needs a diverse set of minds and backgrounds to tackle this ever-changing field.

Check out the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency Cybersecurity Workforce Training Guide. It contains a wide-ranging list of roles or jobs in the cyber security industry. The guide also includes career paths and certifications that align with those roles.

Additional U.S. government cyber security career information:

If you are interested in cyber security in Texas, review the Texas Department of Information (Texas DIR) information security website.

Are there internships?

If you want a career in the U.S. government, USAJOBS has internship opportunities and financial aid opportunities.

Universities also have student employment opportunities. The TAMU-CC IT Office of Information Security employs students who receive hands-on experience in cyber security through HireAnIslander.