Student Employment

Incoming students will have access to view jobs on Handshake 6 months prior to your academic start term.

Want to get a job on or off campus? Access our HireAnIslander database to get registered and search for jobs by uploading your resume and then submitting it to the jobs you select.  If there are any jobs that you are unsure about be sure to contact the office at 361-825-2628 or

Working on campus

Please review the University Rules (33.99.08.C1.01) pertaining to student employment located on the University Rules website.

How to Apply

  • Login to HireAnIslander(powered by Handshake)
    • Upload your resume to your HireAnIslander account.
    • Select Jobs & Internships from the left-hand navigation bar.
    • Fill in the search criteria to narrow down your search OR simply view all current jobs without entering any search criteria.
    Select Jobs & Internships from the left-hand navigation bar.
    • Browse the jobs.
    • Click on a position title to see the specifics of the position and how to apply. You can also select Follow Job at the top to receive additional updates about the position.
  • If you find a job you are interested in and you see a submit resume button at the top of the page, submit your resume and attach the documents the employer has requested.  If you don't see a submit resume button, look at the job for "how to apply".  If you are still not sure how to apply for this job, contact us at 361-825-2628.

Signing Up for an Interview

  • Login to HireAnIslander.
  • If you have applied to a job that is hosting an interview on campus and you would like to see if you have been selected for an interview you can select Interviews on the left hand navigation bar. Here you can search for interviews that you have applied to. 
    • If you need to choose a different time in the schedule you can choose:
      • Request Swap: Request to swap time slots with another student. There is no guarantee that the student will accept this request to swap slots so make sure you keep an eye on your interview slot.
      • Leave Slot: Remove your selection from the schedule. Until you pick a new time you will not be included in the interview schedule.
      • Switch to Slot: Moves you to a new slot in the schedule, this option will only be available if there are open slots to switch to.
  • If you would like to browse for interviews coming up on campus you can select Interviews on the left navigation bar. Here you will see all interviews coming up on campus 
    • You can filter by the options on the left side of the screen to find the interviews you are interested in.
    • Click on the name of an interview schedule to view the details and directions to apply.

(Please note: if you are not qualified for any upcoming interviews, or there are none, then you will not see anything appear on the page.)

Federal Work-Study

The Federal Work-Study (FWS) Program is a government subsidized student employment program designed to assist students in financing their post-secondary education. To be eligible for Work-Study, students must document financial need every year by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Undergraduate and graduate students are eligible.

What are the benefits of Federal Work-Study Jobs?

  • Work-Study wages are not counted towards next year’s student contribution for financial aid.
  • Although the majority of WS positions are located on-campus, the program also offers a growing number of off-campus positions with employers/agencies approved to participate in the Federal Work-Study Program.
  • Community Service Work-Study is a great way to make a difference in the lives of others and earn your Work-Study (WS) award at the same time.

What if my financial aid award letter does not include a Work Study award?

  • Please see the Student Financial Aid office to determine if you have work study eligibility. Early in the semester they may be able to give you access to work-study.

What if I don’t get a Work-Study job?

  • If students are enrolled at least half-time and do not get a WS job within the first six weeks of the start of class, the Financial Aid office has the option to cancel their Federal Work-Study award for that semester. If your class schedule or other special circumstances prevent you from obtaining a WS job, contact the Financial Aid Office.
    • Note: The only way for students accepting their Work-Study (WS) award to receive the award amount is to get a job, work 12-20 hours per week, and earn it! Students are strongly encouraged to begin the job search early. Popular Work-Study positions are highly sought after and tend to be filled quickly.

Don’t qualify for Federal Work-Study?

  • There are still plenty of non-work-study and off campus part time jobs available in our database!

PLEASE NOTE: Students working on campus in a part time position are not eligible for paid vacation, sick leave, holidays, or medical and dental insurance through their job.