About the Office of Information Security (OIS)

The Office of Information Security is located in Corpus Christi Hall, Suite 203.

The responsibilities of the OIS include:

  • Compliance: Overseeing the University's compliance with various accessibility, information security, and privacy regulations, e.g. ADA, PCI, HIPAA, TAC 202, TAC 206, TAC 213, FERPA, etc.
  • Incidents: Investigating incidents that might have information security consequences, e.g., theft of a laptop, hacking, or malware.
  • Education: Informing the community about accessibility, information security, and privacy principles, news, and best practices.
  • Initiatives: Executing various accessibility, information security, and privacy initiatives, e.g. campus-wide deployment of anti-virus software or routine penetration testing.


Kevin Glynn
Chief Information Security and Privacy Officer (CISPO)
(361) 825-2124

Christian Arceneaux
Information Security Analyst I
(361) 825-5327

Karole Schroeder
Digital Accessibility Officer (DAO)
Designated Electronic and Information Resources Accessibility Coordinator (EIRAC)
(361) 825-3154

Student interns

The Office of Information Security also has student workers as seen here at the Student Worker Appreciation Bash. Our interns follow one of two focuses, or offices, in OIS: (1) information security and (2) digital accessibility. Students gain on-the-job experience and learn about trending compliance topics from subject matter experts. This hands-on work and one-on-one engagement with their supervisors provides them with professional development and skill sets that will help them in the workforce.