Week 2 - Using strong passwords and a password manager

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Creating passwords

Using a strong password or a passphrase will help keep you and your data secure. According to the Identity Theft Resource Center, "Studies have found that a password’s 'guessability' by hacking software decreases exponentially with every additional character."

Creating something easy to remember but hard to guess is key to a successful password. Incorporate a favorite quote, a song title, or your favorite sports player into your password and it becomes more complex and difficult to guess. Test your password creating skills using this tool. You can also try out this Random Passphrase Generator.

You can manage your IslandID account at the My IslandID Management Portal.

Our brown-haired hero wearing a blue cape, silver armor, and shield, armed with their trusty sword looking toward the sky at the impending battleStoring your passwords

You always hear about creating a secure password, but how do you keep your secure passwords safe? A password manager app can help you remember (or forget) passwords.

A password manager is a secure vault for all your passwords — like a glorified password notebook but a lot more secure! You must only remember one password, allowing you and your computer to access the rest of your passwords for all your logins. This also means you can create different passwords for each account, keeping you ahead of hackers! Some password managers will tell you that your accounts are more vulnerable if the same password is being used on several accounts.

Some we recommend are: