Checklist for Working Remotely

Gather your equipment

Pack your TAMU-CC laptop and the power cord. Check this list of equipment and tools you should consider when moving your TAMU-CC laptop to a remote work location. Use reasonable precautions when transporting delicate electronics.

Know your computer password

Make sure you know your IslandID and password. You will use your IslandID and password when using the collaboration and remote access tools. Login to each of the collaboration tools before you leave the office to make sure you can login and your access is configured correctly. Contact the IT Service Desk with questions.

Check your access to Webmail

Make sure you can access your email through Outlook web access.

Check your electronic files

Verify that your computer files are backed-up and synced in OneDrive.

Gather your paper files

Gather paper files, binders or hard-copies of documentation you need. Keep them protected and secure while working remotely.

Check your office phone voice mail settings

Check that your voice mail is going to your Outlook Inbox (this is the default). Call your office phone and leave a message; if it comes to your Inbox you are good to go!

Available For: Faculty, Staff