2.2 Enough Time

Provide users enough time to read and use content.


Are you a speed typist? What if you had to type using voice commands only? How fast could you go? It takes longer to speak the characters and words than type them out. Individuals using assistive technology are often placed at a disadvantage regarding time limits to fill out forms, take quizzes, or other interactions. These items must allow for extended time limits. Other time limit issues to consider:

  • Does something really need a time limit, or can the limit be removed?
  • When using a secure application, can the application warn a user that they "appear" to not be active, and provide an option to extend their login time?

How often have you been distracted by animations and other busy content? Did music just start that changed your path reading a page? People with cognitive disabilities often get distracted and off track when busy content interrupts them. Animations and other busy content must be capable of pausing, stopping, or hiding whether it moves, blinks, scrolls, or auto-updates. Examples: