Accessible EIR Procurement and Development

IT reviews electronic and information resources (EIR) for a variety of compliance concerns. For example:

  • accessibility to all target audiences
  • information security of data stored, collected, or transferred
  • privacy of target audiences
  • compatibility with operating systems and software on target audience devices

This page specifically covers the accessibility review part of the process. We have requirements for accessibility compliance whether we:

  • use EIR
  • maintain EIR
  • develop EIR
  • buy EIR

This scope includes all EIR used for university business:

  • internal development or maintenance on any EIR
  • EIR used by a small group or single individual
  • EIR that has zero cost ($0)
  • EIR that our students use or pay to use to participate in a program, service, or activity

Companies have varied experience with accessibility compliance. Not all are familiar with federal and state laws on accessibility. This includes major corporations. Anyone can have inaccessible EIR.

The EIRAC provides education to faculty, staff, and these companies. This includes the accessibility standards information provided on this website. We want to provide a quick and smooth process. You can help by understanding the steps in the accessibility review process.

Questions or Concerns?

The EIRAC (361.825.3154) can assist you with any questions or concerns regarding the accessibility review portion of procuring, using, developing, and maintaining EIR.