One-Time Payment Request

Any employee, whether exempt or nonexempt, may accept additional employment with another department, unit or component of Texas A&M University System, provided the employee obtains the advance approval of the head of the primary employing department. This process alerts the primary employing unit that the employee will be performing activities outside the scope of their normal duties and normal work time. If an employee has a heavy workload in the primary employing department, consideration should be given to whether additional activity would negatively impact the primary employing unit. Payment for ongoing services are added as an additional job in Workday and not paid on a One-Time Payment Request Form.

Nonexempt employees who accept additional employment within the Texas A&M University System, must be paid 1½ times their regular hourly rate of pay unless the employment is occasional and sporadic, solely at the employee’s option, and in a different capacity from that in which the employee regularly engages. Do not use this form to pay non-exempt employees for overtime worked.


Employee Name- Name of employee performing services.

UIN - If you don't know the UIN, call Human Resources (ext. 2630) or Payroll (ext. 3231) for assistance.

Primary Department - Employee's full-time department.

Total Payment Requested- Total amount to be paid for the specified activity.

Account Number to Charge Payment- Complete account number being charged for this supplemental payment. If using multiple accounts, write, "See comments below", and include in the description of payment. (The form allows you to continue typing but once the space is full, it will not print on the form).

Department Requesting Payment- Name of department paying the supplemental payment.

Department Contact Name - Please provide a contact person that will be able to answer questions about this transaction.

Department Phone - Telephone extension of person preparing this form or who that will be able to answer questions about this transaction.


The completion and routing of the form is to be initiated by the paying department. The paying department must provide a contact name on the form to address questions that arise in the routing and approval process. The employee to be paid must sign the form and certify that the payment is for work outside the normal duties and will be performed outside of normal working hours.


If payment for the services is from an external funding source as defined in 15.01.01, a representative of the Grants Office must be obtained. The Vice President of each division will forward approved forms to the Human Resources Office. The Budget Office will review and verify that funds for the one-time payment have been encumbered by the requesting department and forward to Payroll for processing.

Payment will be made according to the published Bi-Weekly payroll schedule after the form has been completely approved and processed. Failure to obtain all required approvals in a timely manner could significantly delay payment. 

Relevant Policies, Rules and Regulations

Paying units, department heads and employees receiving pay are responsible for complying with the applicable rules and regulations.  The Relevant System policies, System Regulations, University Rules and University Procedures can be found on the One-Time Payment Request Form, TAMU-CC, HR, and Payroll websites.