Longevity Pay

Each full-time non-academic employee of Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi, excluding law enforcement officers eligible for hazardous duty pay, is entitled to longevity pay of $20.00 per month for each two years of service as an employee of the State of Texas up to and including 42 years of service.  Such pay will begin at the end of the second year of state service and will be increased at the end of each two years thereafter.

Longevity Pay Table

  • To be eligible for longevity pay for a month, employees must be full-time, not be on leave without pay the first working day of the month, and have accrued at least two years (24 months) of service credit by the end of the preceding month.
  • Creditable service is to be counted regardless of method of salary payment (hourly, monthly, etc.)  Length of appointment, percentage of full-time worked, continuity of service, or eligibility for longevity or hazardous duty pay in a prior position. 
  • Length of service is determined by counting the actual days, months, and years of state employment.
  • Employment with independent school districts, education services centers, and/or junior or community colleges is not state employment for the purpose of Longevity.