When do I receive payment?

Faculty members are paid monthly on the first working day of the following month for the preceding month.  For example, the first payment for the Fall semester is the first working day of October. The fall semester starts in August, but the official appointment period is September 1 – January 15.  Pay periods coincide with the official appointment period.   The official appointment  period for the Spring semester is January 16 – May 31. 

Can a faculty member spread his/her less than 12-month salary over 12 months?

Employees who are on less than 12-month appointments typically receive paychecks consistent with their appointment (i.e., a 9-month employee receives 9 paychecks). The Save for Summer Program allows employees to extend their pay over 12 months. It should be noted that electing to receive a 9-month salary over 12 months would not make faculty eligible for vacation leave nor change the way insurance premiums and retirement deductions are handled.

What is the Save for Summer Program?

Save for Summer allows employees who work less than 12 months in a fiscal year to extend their pay over 12 months. Save for Summer allows you to deduct a flat dollar amount from each of each check to receive over the summer.

For more information regarding Save for Summer, please contact the Payroll Office at or call 361-825-5792.