Dr. Karen McCaleb
Our motto is Inquire, Innovate, Impact. Our vision is grounded in our commitment to enriching the public good through creative stewardship of graduate education. Our mission is to guide, cultivate, and collaborate with a community of scholars and stakeholders providing expertise, oversight and resources that generate and disseminate higher education excellence in South Texas and beyond.
It is a distinct honor for me to serve the administration, faculty, staff, students, and alumni that comprise the Island Community. Together with the loyal and able staff in CGS, we are committed to providing you with the needed information, guidance, and support and pledge to work diligently on your behalf.
Your success and accomplishments are our greatest satisfaction. Together, we will advance and enrich the quality of life for the Coastal Bend and beyond.
Karen McCaleb, EdD
Dean for the College of Graduate Studies


College of Graduate Studies

Dr. Karen McCaleb
Dr. Karen McCaleb
Dean, College of Graduate Studies
Office: Faculty Center, Rm. 151B
Phone: 361.825.3847
Email: Karen.McCaleb@tamucc.edu

Services provided:
  • Administers and supports graduate programs
  • Collaborates with faculty and academic deans on all issues related to graduate education
  • Oversees all areas of graduate education including compliance, recruitment, retention, policy and procedures
  • Represents graduate education internally and externally

Dr. Marvarene Oliver
Dr. Marvarene Oliver
Professor and Associate Dean
Office: Faculty Center, Rm. 151C
Phone: 361.825.3216
Email: Marvarene.Oliver@tamucc.edu

Services provided:
  • Directs related graduate program activities and professional development initiatives
  • Oversees graduate catalog
  • Addresses dissertation/thesis concerns
  • Collaborates with other TAMUCC units to ensure a climate of engagement and success for graduate students
  • Other duties as needed

Steven Seidel
Dr. Steven Seidel
Interim Associate Dean
Office: Faculty Center, Rm. 237
Phone: 361.825.2619
Email: Steven.Seidel@tamucc.edu

Services provided:
  • Facilitates Graduate Council
  • Addresses dissertation/thesis concerns
  • Collaborates with other TAMUCC units to ensure a climate of engagement and success for graduate students
  • Other duties as needed

Sandra Kureska
Dr. Sandra Kureska
Office: Faculty Center, Rm. 151E
Phone: 361.825.2711
Email: Sandra.Kureska@tamucc.edu

Services provided:
  • Oversees daily operations of the college
  • Serves as liaison to the Office of Admissions
  • Oversees graduate college process and policies
  • Serves as a liaison to graduate program coordinators and advisors for policy purposes

Leticia Bazan
Ms. Leticia Bazan
Office: Faculty Center, Rm 151D
Phone: 361.825.3302
Email: Leticia.Bazan@tamucc.edu

Services provided:
  • Works with prospective and new students
  • Serves as liaison to the Recruitment Office/Enrollment Management
  • Coordinate social media presence; liaison with marketing and communications office
  • Coordinates recruitment efforts in conjunction with recruitment office

Amanda Bocanegra
Ms. Amanda Bocanegra
Audit & Compliance Coordinator
Office: Faculty Center, Rm. 151G
Phone: 361.825.2526
Email:  Amanda.Bocanegra@tamucc.edu

Services provided:
  • Performs all audit and compliance processes including degree plan audits, academic standing, degree plan exceptions
  • Processes all information related to doctoral students
  • Monitors and updates DegreeWorks and catalog
  • Maintains matriculated graduate student records

Ms. Shay lee
Ms. Shay Lee
Executive Administrative Assistant
Office: Faculty Center, Rm. 151A
Phone: 361.825.3884
Email: Shay.Lee@tamucc.edu

Services provided
  • Assists Dean and Associate Dean with administrative duties
  • Organizes and maintains college data and records
  • Serves as the logistical liaison, with different units across campus, for all college events and activities

Business Coordinator
Office: Faculty Center, Rm. 151F
Phone: 361.825.2803

Services provided:
  • Oversee Graduate Assistantship process
  • Coordinate Graduate Scholarship process
  • Assist with budget development and management
  • Generate reports on accounts for the Dean

Linda Ramon-Barbato
Ms. Linda Ramon-Barbato
Outreach & Compliance Coordinator
Office: Faculty Center, Rm. 151H
Phone: 361.825.3675
Email:  Linda.Ramon-Barbato@tamucc.edu

Services provided:
  • Manage day-to-day GROW suite operations
  • Assists with the coordination of GROW and College of Graduate Studies events
  • Assists with GROW and College of Graduate Studies social media
  • Assists with student compliance processing

Mrs. Jessica Romero
Software Application Developer I
Office: Faculty Center, Rm. 152
Phone: 361.825.3160
Email:  Jessica.Romero@tamucc.edu

Services provided:
  • Maintains databases and equipment
  • Provides systems/application analyses, design, development and implementation of programming projects to meet strategic plan
  • Generates correspondence to graduate applicants/students regarding admission, enrollment and policy information
  • Generates reports to program faculty regarding admissions and student progress

Graduate Advising

Maria Fonseca
Ms. Maria Fonseca
College of Education and Human Development
Office: Faculty Center, Rm. 235
Phone: 361.825.2968
Email: Maria.Fonseca@tamucc.edu

Teri Ruiz
Ms. Theresa Garcia-Ruiz
College of Liberal Arts
School of Arts, Media & Communication
Office: Faculty Center, Rm. 233
Phone: 361.825.4932
Email: Teri.Ruiz@tamucc.edu

Shannon Vo
Ms. Shannon Vo
College of Engineering and Computer Science
College of Science
Office: Faculty Center, Rm. 236
Phone: 361.825.2654
Email: Shannon.Vo@tamucc.edu

Sara Malacara
Ms. Sara Malacara
College of Nursing and Health Sciences
Office: Faculty Center, Rm. 238
Phone: 361.825.2568
Email: Sara.Malacara@tamucc.edu


College of Business Graduate Advising

Graduate Admissions Contacts