Personal Car Mileage vs. Rental Car Cost Comparison


Due to an audit finding for Travel Office of “Conservation of Funds” by the State auditors this past summer, effective September 1, 2014 all travelers using a personal owned vehicle for business related travel will need to provide a Personal Car Mileage vs. Rental Car Cost Comparison worksheet with their Concur expense report. Reimbursement of personal vehicle mileage will be limited to the lesser of the two comparisons. This applies to both State and Local funds. For more information please email

 “Per Section 1.2 Conservation of State Funds, 1.2.1 Requirements of the Travel Regulations Act: A state employee is entitled to reimbursement of certain travel expenses required by the employing agency to conduct official state business. The amount of reimbursement is subject to certain limitations as prescribed by Chapter 660 of the Texas Government Code, the General Appropriations Act and rules adopted by the Comptroller.

A State Agency must minimize the amount of travel expenses reimbursed by ensuring that each travel arrangement is the most cost-effective considering all relevant circumstances. (Texas Government Code Section 660.007)”

 Personal Car Mileage vs. Rental Car Cost Comparison Mileage Calculator