Helping Students. Period.

Islander Access to Period Products


Helping Students. Period.

Helping Students. Period. is a collaborative pilot project that helps Islanders who struggle with period product insecurity thrive academically and socially. Starting in summer 2019, Helping Students. Period. provides access to period products in women's restrooms in the University Center, Dugan Wellness Center, Mary & Jeff Bell Library, and unisex restrooms across Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi.

During the fall 2019 semester, Helping Students. Period. will collect data and feedback to determine if there is a need for full-campus implementation of period products in all public restroom facilities in the future. Your input is vital to a successful pilot program; please share your thoughts by emailing

Islander Impact & Period Poverty

Eighty-six percent of menstruators have an unexpected need for period items, and 79 percent "MacGyver" a temporary solution. Sixty-two percent will immediately leave class, work, practice, or leadership activity to acquire period supplies. They often feel a sense of shame for needing these items, and as a result, they almost never return to campus to finish participating in their activities.

When we are missing our fellow Islanders from class, work, and practice, we are not receiving the full benefit of their perspective and effort. These unexpected needs make people feel embarrassed, annoyed, and anxious. Stigma and shame prevent people from explaining why they had to leave in order to obtain the needed hygiene products.

It is true that not everyone has a need for period products. However, we all benefit when our Island hears everyone's voices and is a place where everyone can focus on their education, not their period. 

With an average of 90 of students a week using Izzy's Food Pantry, we know that our Islanders sometimes need a little help getting the basics they need to be successful. When we remove obstacles, we know that Islanders will thrive!

Resource Map

For the summer and fall 2019 semesters, Helping Students. Period. pilot program will place products in the women's restrooms of the following buildings: Mary & Jeff Bell Library, the University Center, and Dugan Wellness Center, as well as unisex restrooms across campus. 

An interactive map of campus with all locations featuring Helping Students. Period. products can be found HERE.

These products will be made available in a wall mounted receptacle. 

Environmental & Biological Impact

The average menstruator will use roughly 264 period products over the course of a year, and 11,000 over their lifetime. This generates about 200,000 tons of waste each year, in our oceans, landfills, and across the earth. 

These same products can also be harmful to our bodies because the materials contain a pollutant called polyethylene plastic. Most tampons have chemicals like dioxin, chlorine, and rayon.  The pads selected by A&M-Corpus Christi are 100 percent organic cotton, with no dyes or perfumes, and produce 25 percent less waste than a leading competitor’s product. The tampons are also 100 percent organic cotton and biodegradable.

Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi is committed to environmental stewardship and empowering all Islanders to be healthy. When you use Helping Students. Period. products, provided by Aunt Flow, you can reduce some of these risks. For a complete review of what goes into the Helping Students. Period. products, please visit our vendor Aunt Flow.

Proudly Presented By

Helping Students. Period. is funded by a small portion of the Environmental Fee assessed to each full-time student and is one of many projects made possible by student fees.

Helping Students. Period. pilot is proudly presented by the Office of the PresidentDivision of Academic AffairsIslander Green TeamStudent Government AssociationIslander FeministsTAMU-CC Administrative Operations, & Period. Corpus Christi