SandDollar$ Redesign

Who is required to have a SandDollar$ ID?

 All employees of the university (faculty, staff, adjuncts), students, along with contractors and vendors are required to have an ID.

 Will my current SandDollar$ ID work?

 Yes, your current SandDollar$ ID will continue to work for the foreseeable future. The only change made was to the design. But why wait? Pop over when you have a chance to modernize your ID and show off your Islander pride.

 When should I come to get my new ID?

SandDollar$ Services, located in the University Center room 120, is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. During Islander Launch, the SandDollar$ Services office receives an influx of business from new, admitted students who are getting their first SandDollar$ ID and wait times can extend more than 30 minutes. The Islander Launch schedule can be found at

 Do I have to pay a fee to get my ID replaced?

 As long as you bring in your current SandDollar$ ID, we will replace it with the new design for free. If you do not have your current ID, you will need to pay a $15 fee.

 Can I keep my current ID and get a new one?

No, you will be given a new ID only if you turn in your old ID or if we mark your ID as lost. For IDs marked as lost, a $15 fee will be charged when we issue a new ID.

 Do I need to take a new photo when replacing my ID?

 No, you may keep your old photo when replacing your ID. You can also request that a new picture is taken. Keep in mind that if you keep your current photo the process will be faster. If you want to change your picture, allow for more time when you come to replace your ID.

 I am a contractor. Do I need to have my ID replaced?

Yes, contractors/vendors (SSC and Chartwells employees are considered contractors) will need to have their ID replaced. We will work with your supervisor to schedule a time to replace your IDs.

 The same policy applies to contractors. If you bring your current ID, the replacement will be free of charge. If you have lost your ID, a $15 fee will be charged.

 Do affiliates and contractors have the same ID?

 The new redesign project resulted in affiliates and non-affiliates (contractors, vendors) having different versions of the SandDollar$ ID. Contractors will work with their supervisors to schedule a time to have the IDs change.