Meal Plan Waiver/Refund Procedures

All students living in the Island campus residence halls are required to have a meal plan. Requests for exemptions from meal plans may be made only for medical reasons (e.g. medically prescribed diets which cannot be provided by Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi’s food service provider). Failure to utilize the dining program, class schedule, sports schedule, employment schedules, finances or vegetarian/vegan/organic diets are not viable reasons for exemption from the meal plan requirement. A charge for the meal plan will result until a wavier is obtained.

A student may have medical or dietary requirements that cannot be accommodated by Dining Services. In such cases, the Director of University Services in conjunction with the Dining Director will determine whether or not the specific requirements can be accommodated.

Students requesting a meal plan waiver should submit their request for a waiver in writing to the Office of University Services. Requests based upon a medical or dietary requirement should be accompanied by written confirmation from a licensed medical provider and, as applicable, a detailed diet prepared by the medical provider or a Registered Dietician. It is expected that students will take the responsibility for making the correct choices of foods that their medical diet may require. The Director of University Services will review the submitted materials in conjunction with the Dining Director to determine whether the requirement(s) can be accommodated.