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Geographic Information Science Program

Picture of Tianxing Chu

Tianxing Chu, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Office: RFEB 314F
Phone: (361) 825-2685
Email: tianxing.chu@tamucc.edu
Website: https://mantisresearch.org/faculty

Knowledge discovery with emergent remote sensing and geospatial techniques applied to real-world concerns such as modeling sea-level change and land deformation
Picture of Lucy Huang

Lucy Huang, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Office: RFEB 310B
Phone: (361) 825-2646
Email: lucy.huang@tamucc.edu

•Geospatial Semantic Web development: Ontology construction & mapping, semantic interoperability

Internet GIS: Web Map service development

GIS in public health: agent-based modelling and simulation

Picture of Antonio Medrano

Antonio Medrano, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Geospatial Engineering

Office: RFEB 314E
Phone: (361) 825-2548
Email: antonio.medrano@tamucc.edu
Website: http://antoniomedrano.github.io

Spatial Optimization; High-performance Computing; Geospatial Algorithm Engineering
Picture of Hongzhi Song

Hongzhi Song, Ph.D.

Associate Professional Professor

Office: RFEB 314C
Phone: (361) 825-3198
Email: hongzhi.song@tamucc.edu

Picture of Michael Starek

Michael Starek, Ph.D.

Professor of Geospatial Systems Engineering

Office: NRC 3407
Phone: (361) 825-3978
Email: michael.starek@tamucc.edu
Website: https://mantisresearch.org/faculty

My research explores the merging of geomatics, remote sensing, and geospatial computing for science and engineering problems. Expertise includes LiDAR, autonomous sensing & UAS, photogrammetry, machine learning, and GIS.
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Picture of Sidney Bouse

Sidney Bouse

Adjunct Faculty

Office: none
Email: sidney.bouse@tamucc.edu

Picture of Davey Edwards

Davey Edwards, Ph.D.

Adjunct Faculty

Office: none
Email: davey.edwards@tamucc.edu

Picture of Gary Jeffress

Gary Jeffress, Ph.D.

Adjunct Faculty

Office: BI 111
Email: gary.jeffress@tamucc.edu

Picture of Henry Kuehlem

Henry Kuehlem

Adjunct Faculty

Office: none
Email: henry.kuehlem@tamucc.edu

Picture of Christopher McHugh

Christopher McHugh

Adjunct Faculty

Office: none
Email: christopher.mchugh@tamucc.edu

Picture of James Naismith

James Naismith

Adjunct Faculty

Office: none
Email: jim.naismith@tamucc.edu

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