If you are contemplating withdrawing from the university and are a financial aid recipient, it’s crucial to schedule a meeting with the Financial Aid Office beforehand. This step will ensure you grasp the ramifications of withdrawal, including repayment obligations and potential impacts on future financial aid eligibility. To officially withdraw, you must fill out the Online University Withdrawal Form. 

For federal financial aid recipients who withdraw, two distinct calculations for repayments apply: the school refund calculation and the federal (Title IV) withdrawal calculation. The latter, performed by Financial Aid, determines the portion of federal financial aid funds that must be repaid. Upon calculation, you'll receive a letter outlining the repayment specifics. Failing to repay within the specified timeframe can result in the debt being sent to collections. 

If you're receiving financial aid and decide to withdraw, you may find yourself obligated to repay some or all the awarded aid. Additionally, completing an exit loan counseling session might be necessary. We strongly advise students to proactively contact our office to strategize the best approach for withdrawal, aiming to mitigate any potential complications.