Information for Students

Information for Students

Financial Aid from A to Z! Learn everything there is to know about financial aid eligibility and requirements.

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Who doesn't love free money? Find out what you need in order to qualify for funds today!
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How To Apply

Submit the necessary financial aid applications to see what you can be awarded!
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Dates and Deadlines

Stay on top of the latest deadlines to ensure you're getting the most financial aid available!
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Cost of Attendance

See estimated costs for you to attend TAMU-CC
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Check Your Financial Aid Status

No matter where you're at in the financial aid process, see what your next steps are.
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Accept Your Awards

Now that you've been awarded, review your offers and secure your funds!
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Guarantee your Loans

Student and parent loans are serious investments in your education, let us help you every step of the way!
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Maintaining SAP

Satisfactory Academic Progress is required in order to receive federal and state funds for financial assistance. Learn more about GPA and completion rate requirements to maintain your financial aid eligibility.
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If you've been selected for verification, learn more about this process and how to expedite your verification!
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Islander Guarantee

The Islander Guarantee Program is designed to cover the cost of tuition and fees by awarding institutional aid to cover what federal and state grants cannot. Click here to learn more about this program and see if you qualify.
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Graduating from the Island

You are an Islander Forever! Achieving your degree is a dream come true, and we are honored to have been on this journey with you. Learn what happens to your financial aid when you graduate.
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Withdrawing from the Island

Sometimes life happens and a break in enrollment is needed. Learn what happens when you withdraw from the university.
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Learn More About Types of Financial Aid

Discover what types of assistance may be offered to you at the Island.