Academic Misconduct

For Students

In addition to the Student Code of Conduct, students are held to additional standards regarding their academic misconduct. This information can be found in detail within the University Procedure for Academic Misconduct Cases, 13.02.99.C0.04. 

For Faculty

When reporting incidents of academic misconduct faculty members need to complete the Academic Misconduct Incident Form and then submit an online incident report to upload the academic misconduct incident form. Student Conduct & Community Standards has also provided a how to report an incident of academic misconduct guide, an academic misconduct checklist and frequently asked questions below to assist in making the reporting process easier. Additional details regarding the handling of academic misconduct cases can be found within the University Procedure for Student Academic Misconduct Cases, 13.02.99.C0.04. 

Academic Misconduct Checklist


  • Instructor believes a violation occurs and gathers any evidence that exists.
  • Instructor completes the “Academic Misconduct Incident Form” found online at under the “Faculty and Staff Resources” section.
  • Instructor notifies the student that a meeting is needed and adds to documentation of this to the existing evidence.
  • Instructor meets with the student to discuss the incident. Date of meeting: _________.
  • Student accepts responsibility for the misconduct: Yes________ No________.
  • Student agrees to assigned sanctions: Yes________ No________.
  • Student and Instructor sign and date the form.
  • All documentation is submitted to Student Conduct & Community Standards online via for record keeping and any additional action that may be required.
  • Copies of all documentation are also provided to the chair of the department as official notification of the incident.

Students have the right to:

  • Be notified of the alleged misconduct and respond to the allegations via the Academic Misconduct Incident Form.
  • Participate at an Academic Integrity Hearing.
  • Appeal the decision of the Academic Integrity Hearing Panel.
  • View their conduct file by submitting a written request to the Student Conduct Officer.

If you have any questions as an instructor or student, please feel free to contact Student Conduct & Community Standards at