How to Fill Out an Academic Misconduct Incident Form

Complete the Academic Misconduct Incident Report located at the button on this page.

A meeting with the student is required to obtain a response to the allegation and to permit them to complete their portion of the documentation.

Instructions to proceed electronically – this is the preferred method as it is more secure and permits you to receive a copy of the full incident report via email.

  • Scan all documents into electronic format. (this can often be done through your copy machine).
  • Click the link ‘Incident Report Form’ on the left-hand side of the webpage at This will cause the online reporting system to initiate.
  • Enter in the demographic information regarding who you are and select
    ‘academic misconduct’ under the category ‘nature of the report’.
  • Enter in the time, date and location of the incident.
  • Put in as much information about the student as you can, including A number. Select ‘alleged’ under the category ‘select role’.
  • Write a brief summary of the incident in question.
  • Attach all supplemental information including academic misconduct incident form, course syllabus and any supporting documentation of the alleged violation that you possess.
  • Fill out the verification box on the bottom right and hit submit report.
  • Provide the original materials you attached to your department chair.

Student Conduct & Advocacy will be in contact with you to obtain any additional information as necessary and keep you aware of how the process is proceeding.

If you have any questions at any point in this process please feel free to contact the Assistant Dean of Students, Michael La Torre at 361.825.6219 or via email at