About Us


The Office of Community and Belonging is committed to fostering a sense of connectedness for students and families by building a community where everyone feels valued and empowered. As a Hispanic and Minority Serving Institution we are committed to all students' success.


We empower individuals of all backgrounds to connect, learn, and grow together as a supportive community.


The Office of Community and Belonging values  

  • Creating a sense of belonging.  
  • Respecting all individuals.  
  • Educating our community through engaging programs and initiatives.  
  • Collaborating with on- and off-campus stakeholders.  
  • Developing leaders.  
  • Providing mentorship opportunities.  

The Office of Community and Belonging

Meet the Office of Community and Belonging

Photo of Susan La Torre

Susan La Torre

Director of Community & Belonging
University Center 2nd Floor, Room 206
Photo coming soon

Robert Trujillo

Coordinator, Community and Belonging
University Center 1st Floor