TAMU-CC Code Blue: Remote operations planned for Monday, July 8

On Monday, July 8, Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi will shift to remote work operations* due to anticipated inclement weather conditions. In addition, all TAMU-CC classes will exercise their academic continuity plans and be conducted fully online on Monday, July 8. Students should monitor Canvas to stay current with their classes.

In both instances of remote work and remote courses, managers and faculty should be flexible as the inclement weather may cause power outages or other emergencies that make logging onto a computer difficult.

Employees who are currently working on campus today, July 5, should take the following precautions for their computers and the computers of their colleagues who are not working today: Before leaving for the day, shut down computers and monitors and unplug surge protectors or power cords from the wall. Computers should then be covered by bags provided by Facilities. These bags are located near the main entrance of each building. First floor offices should try, if possible, to elevate computers off the floor to prevent water damage. Do not unplug network or phone cables to avoid delays when returning to the office. Ensure your data is synced to OneDrive for continued access and ensure necessary software is installed for academic and business continuity. The 24/7 IT Service Desk is available 24x7x365 for support at 361.825.2692. For more information about working remotely, please visit Anytime Anywhere Access

Employees and students are asked not to visit campus over the weekend as the non-housing buildings will be “de-energized,” meaning there will be no electricity services.

The university anticipates shifting back to in-person work and classes on Tuesday, July 9, to include all university offices and services.

Any additional changes to business operations will be sent via Code Blue.  

It is strongly recommended that you provide your mobile phone number in order to receive Code Blue text message alerts. Visit codeblue.tamucc.edu to confirm your mobile phone number.

Please be mindful of weather and road conditions and take appropriate precautions.

Stay safe, stay connected, and stay alert.

* Employees should consult with their supervisor to determine if they are essential personnel who need to report to campus on Monday, July 8.