Transient/Visiting Students

You will apply for admission as a transient (or visiting) student if you:

  • Are pursuing a degree elsewhere, but want to take a course or courses at A&M-Corpus Christi without enrolling as a regular student, or
  • Do not have a Bachelor's degree nor are you seeking a degree, but would like to take a course or courses for personal enrichment

Though it is not the case with every transient student, most transient students enroll while home for the summer and take courses that transfer back to the institution at which they are regularly enrolled.

Things to keep in mind when applying as a transient student

  • You are limited to enrollment for one long semester (Fall or Spring) or the summer sessions.
  • You must re-apply for each semester that enrollment is sought.
  • If you decide to enroll as a regular student, you will need to complete the proper application process for your entry type (e.g., freshman).