Welcome to Islander Money Matters

A Financial Success Program

Welcome to Islander Money Matters! Islander Money Matters is a Financial Literacy program designed to provide students with resources, support, and guidance regarding all things money and financial success!

What is Financial Literacy?

Financial literacy refers to understanding basic skills and concepts as it relates to healthy financial behaviors and decisions. This understanding also means reflecting on your own experiences, culture, family values, and how you have been taught to approach money. When you have financial literacy, you have the power and confidence to make informed financial decisions.

What’s Available to You?

Financial Aid Office
The TAMU-CC Office of Student Financial Assistance provides resources, support, and guidance in choosing the right financial plan to fit your needs. In addition, the Financial Aid Office hosts “Which Way”, a student connections platform for financial literacy. This platform provides specialized modules for financial literacy and is already available to you! Contact the Financial Aid Office for more information.

iGRAD is an online platform you can customize and learn from to gain financial skills that can be utilized throughout life. Areas of financial literacy include budgeting, financial aid, student loan debt, scholarships, career planning, and many other areas needed for financial success. This online program will increase university persistence through graduation. For more information or question contact Kit Wilson: 361-825-3088; christopher.wilson@tamucc.edu

First Year Seminar
Financial Literacy for first-year students is offered as a topic of discussion to empower the student to have a financially fit present and future as they navigate life in and beyond the university. In UNIV 1101/1102, University Seminar faculty will support the development of students’ financial knowledge through class discussion on a variety of topics related to financial wellness. In fall 2022, University Seminar faculty will implement the inclusion of the iGrad Financial Literacy Online platform into the curriculum.